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September 8 2022 Press Release
Following the Release of Bodycam Footage Regarding the Shooting Death of William Isaac Rich


September 8, 2022



Mariam “Mimi” Daoud:

Advocates for Social Justice: 



Advocates for Social Justice Responds to Today’s Bodycam Footage Release


On Tues., Aug 30, 2022 William Rich (age 22) was shot and killed by Cedar Rapids Police Officers. As a result of public pressure, the family was permitted to view the footage today, Thurs., Sept. 8, 2022 at approximately 9 a.m. Advocates for Social Justice acknowledges CRPD’s release of the bodycam footage today at noon. Transparency from law enforcement is crucial in rebuilding community trust and ASJ hopes that such transparency continues in a timely and respectful fashion. 


Advocates for Social Justice is witness to the agony the family has experienced since the death of their loved one. ASJ will continue to support and stand by the family during this difficult process. 


Communities of color have long felt a mistrust of law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Immediate public outcry for the release of the bodycam footage regarding William Rich’s death is a result of said mistrust. Community-centered action items are necessary to rebuilding community relations with law enforcement.


Advocates for Social Justice continues to extend condolences to the family of William Isaac Rich. The loss of a human life, no matter the circumstances, is tragic.


Advocates for Social Justice’s mission is to promote social, political, and environmental change in the Cedar Rapids community, prioritizing the objectives of the #BLM movement. 


Advocates for Social Justice

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