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Rally for Abortion Justice: Cedar Rapids

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Create Your Sign

We will have a sign making table available

Feel free to create a sign ahead of the Rally. 

Please be sure all signage is inclusive and promote empowerment of all seeking abortion justice.

  • Everyone loves someone who has had an abortion.

  • Abortion: legal, accessible & funded/free.

  • Abortion: Anytime. Any reason. ​

  • Roe is the floor, not the ceiling; it’s time for more!

  • We’re done compromising: abortion justice for all!

  • Build power, protect Roe, reach for more!

  • Fund abortion, build power! ​

  • Saving Roe is not enough. We need Abortion Justice. ​

  • Abortion is healthcare. 

  • The courts don’t decide our destiny, we do.

  • Abortion today, tomorrow, forever.

  • Your reason is the right reason. ​

  • There’s no freedom without access.

  • Abortion is unstoppable! ​

  • I love someone who had an abortion.

  • Abortion justice can’t wait. ​

Create Your Sign

Our Demands

  • Congress must pass the Women’s Health Protection Act and the EACH Act to end the Hyde Amendment. Politicians must act to protect the availability of all abortion care and the people who provide that care; ensure it is affordable; and ensure it can reach BIPOC communities and those working to make ends meet without unnecessary barriers, stigma, or shame.

  • Securing legal abortion was just the beginning. The future of abortion must be accessible, affordable, and supported with love and compassion. People should be able to get reproductive healthcare that meets their needs throughout their lives and is provided in ways people trust.

  • Many of the states most likely to lose access to abortion care are also having their voting access stripped away. The majority of people support abortion access, and yet our ability to vote to make our voices heard and values known are on the line. Stripping abortion access and voting rights target the same communities.  

  • It’s no coincidence that anti-abortion politicians are stripping away abortion rights and voting access at the same time. They know if you can’t vote, you can’t stop them from making bad abortion policies. This is how systematic racism works: by keeping marginalized communities from influencing decisions that affect them most.

Our Demands

Calls to Action

Calls to Action
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